Jazz Dance

The first thing that comes to mind when you think “jazz” might be “music” or “hands.” But, believe it or not, jazz is much more than just jazz music and jazz hands. Jazz is a relatively broad style of dance.

As I mentioned in my contemporary dance post, jazz is one of the most popular types of dance nowadays, one of the main types that you can find at almost any studio. Jazz is also one of the styles that I dance the most frequently. Jazz dance might be a tough style to pin down, but I enjoy it because of its diversity. Recently, my jazz class and I performed one of my favorite dances to date—a flamenco dance! That dance was a good example of the diversity, because even though it was a jazz dance, it was a Latin styled jazz dance.

Originally, jazz dance was inspired by jazz music in the 1900s. However, even then, it was a broad dance style. Throughout the years, jazz dance has often been influenced by the popular dance styles at the time. What jazz was 80 years ago, might not be considered jazz today.

Here is an example of what can be considered modern jazz:


For more information on the history of jazz dance, click here.

Jazz is a diverse and ever changing dance style, though it is still highly enjoyable for people of all ages and experience. Be sure not to miss out!



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