Contemporary Dance

You might have heard of this type of dance because it is among the mainstream types of dance that are popular today. These dances usually consist of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, and contemporary. Contemporary is very popular at my studio, though I, myself, do not do it as much as jazz or ballet.

Contemporary is similar to lyrical dance, with its usually graceful movements and powerful, emotion-filled performances. Lyrical and contemporary can both be danced barefoot or with special dance shoes. The shoe is a half-sole dance shoe that looks like this:


This shoe is used because it can be difficult to turn and do pirouettes in bare feet.

As with many other types of dance, there are various techniques and styles that make up the type of dance called “contemporary.” Both ballet and the accurately named modern dance, were contributors to the history of contemporary dance. As the name suggests, contemporary dance is, indeed, contemporary, as it is relatively recent in its manifestation. At least, the name “contemporary” is recent. Because of its mixed beginnings and various techniques, contemporary dance has most likely gone through history by a different name, in multiple different cultures.

Rather than explaining, here is a beautiful contemporary piece from So You Think You Can Dance that exhibits the powerful and emotional aspect I mentioned earlier:

For more information on contemporary dance, click here.

While the history of contemporary dance may not be as detailed or lengthy as ballet or some of the other types of dance, it is still a very beautiful and beloved dance style that will surely take a place in history to come.


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