Step one: Ballet

Ballet. You might be wondering why I am going to talk about such a basic type of dance. I mean, ballet is just a common and boring sport made for girls, right? Wrong. Ballet, like any other type of dance, is an art in which people of any size, gender, or ethnicity can express themselves. Ballet is, indeed, a well-known classic, though there is a reason for this. It is actually the foundation for many other types of dance. Practicing the basics of ballet can even help in other sports such as gymnastics, martial arts, and football, among others. This is because ballet is great for improving muscle tone, coordination, and flexibility.

When it began, ballet was much different than it is today. Ballet started out as court entertainment for royalty in the late fifteenth century and early sixteenth century. In fact, it did not even start in France! It originated in Italy when an Italian queen married a French king. The clothes and shoes that the dancer wore were very impractical compared to nowadays. Take a look at a now and then comparison:




Modern Ballet.jpg

There is so much more tell about ballet and its history, but if I tried to talk about it all, I would be here all night. If you are interested, you can learn more of the basic history here.

Now, I adore dance in all its forms and fashions, but ballet is very special to me. I was never very tall, or as skinny as all the professional ballerinas I saw, but I soon realized that did not matter. I simply loved dance and wanted to be a ballerina. I had the passion and that was all that mattered. This goes for everyone. Never let boundaries stop you, no matter what stands in your way. Especially gender. I have heard many young boys refuse to even try ballet, claiming that it was too “girly” and “boring.” This breaks my heart. As I said, ballet is for anyone, and male ballerinas are some of the most powerful and strongest men I have ever seen. They are able to leap to incredible heights, and do it effortlessly. If you are still not convinced, you can watch this short compilation of leaps and jumps from male ballerinas:

I’m trying to keep my posts brief and inspiring yet informational, but I might have let my passion run away with this one (haha). Anyway, thank you for sticking with me, and I hope you enjoyed this post/rant about ballet and its history.

Keep on dancing, my friends. Till next time!


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