Shall We Dance?

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog!

For this blog, I have chosen a topic that is near and dear to my heart, though it can be difficult to write about. The main reason for this is because dance is a very broad topic, and it would probably take me about twenty years to get into all the various genres. Despite this, I’m still going to try to write about it. As a heads up: I am an amateur when it comes to blogging, as I have never done anything like this before, so please bear with me!

Dance has been around since the beginning of time, appearing in many different forms. These forms ranging from tribal dances to theater ballet. In these countless forms, there have been many pioneers in art of dance: Gene Kelly, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Misty Copeland to name a few. I might not be as famous as any of those dancers, but dance is my passion, and I would love to share it with all of you.

I started doing ballet when I was five years old, when I gradually started to became interested in gymnastics. By seven years old, dance took second fiddle to gymnastics. After a long career with gymnastics, including representing the state of Florida at a regional competition, I realized dance was my one and only passion. I am now doing ballet, jazz, and acrobatics at a studio in Brandon. In one way or another, dance has always been part of my life. Because of this, I have learned a lot about multiple types of dances. Some due to my teacher’s recommendation. Currently, my ballet teacher also works at the Straz Center. Due to this, she is very strict and specific when it comes to learning technique. Although, even without outside recommendation, I have always been interested in other cultures and their types of dances.

Now that I have given my introductory post, it’s about time to get to the good stuff. As I mentioned earlier, dance is a broad and difficult topic to write about. Because of this, if there is a specific type of dance you would like to hear about, let me know! I welcome requests and recommendations. So, starting next post, I will and delve into the world of dance. I hope you will all join me for this journey, maybe even becoming interested and inspired along the way.


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